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MYAIRPLAY: Bringing Music to Life - Empowering independent artists with a dynamic and innovative music distribution platform since 2021, connecting musicians to global audiences and amplifying their potential.

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MYAIRPLAY offers a seamless music distribution service, ensuring artists' tracks reach major streaming platforms, digital stores, and global radio stations. We empower musicians to share their music with the world, making it accessible to a diverse and expansive audience.

Our artist management services provide a comprehensive platform for musicians to nurture their careers. We offer expert guidance, promotional support, and industry insights, enabling artists to focus on their craft while we handle the business aspects of their journey to success.

At MYAIRPLAY, our music promotion services are designed to enhance artists' visibility and boost their presence in the music industry. We employ strategic marketing campaigns, digital advertising, and tailored promotion to ensure their music reaches a wider and more engaged audience

Content management is a vital component of an artist's journey. MYAIRPLAY streamlines this process, helping musicians organize and distribute their content efficiently. With our comprehensive platform, artists can focus on creating music while we take care of the administrative work, ensuring their content reaches the right platforms and audiences.


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Frequently Asked Questions




Ø You can release unlimited music to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Instagram, Youtube Music, Audiomack and every other global streaming and social platform for as little as N20,000 a year. To Proceed with our distribution service kindly click on the link below and fill in your details.

Ø That depends! Each streaming platform pays a different rate per stream, the value of an individual stream can vary depending on factors like the listener’s location and whether they have a paid or free subscription and how long it was streamed.

Ø We recommend submitting your music at least 5-7 days before your planned release date. This gives us more time to process your release. Once your release has been approved, it will be sent to stores immediately. At that point, it will be each store’s responsibility to make the release live.

Ø Yes! 80-20 revenue split in favor of the artist and all payment made in our local currency (Naira). Minimum payout is N20,000.

Ø Payments are sent to

Account Number - 1217606924


Ø Yes. We have partnered with a company (Curve) and once you are registered an invitation link would be sent out to create a password to view your earnings and analytics.

Ø Yes. While no legitimate company can guarantee placement, MyAiplay's team is passionate and knowledgeable about music. Our pitches have secured many official features and playlist spots on major DSPs for both established and up-and-coming artists. We will also work closely with your marketing team/budget to better support and enhance your paid campaigns. A fee is charged once your song is successfully pitched. If you are interested in submitting your release for playlist consideration, your release will need to be approved by MyAirplay and processed in the stores at least three weeks prior to your release date.

Ø It takes three(3) months before the first royalty reports are generated. After that, you start receiving it monthly.

MyAirplay issues accounting statements at the end of each month. Detailed sales reporting data is provided for your catalog across every DSP.

Ø Following the recent partnership with Curve for royalty reporting, revenue earned will always be paid out 2-3 business days after monthly reports have been published. All payments made in our local currency [Naira].

Ø You can remove your music from stores at any time. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for takedowns to be removed from stores. You can contact for takedown initiation.

Ø If you want to edit your release after it's been sent to stores, you can contact us and we will update it for you as long as it's not one of the following changes:

  • Change track order
  • Change the main artist name or artist role from Featured to Primary
  • Special cases whereby resolving ISRC conflicts on labelcamp does not work
  • If you'd like to make any of the above changes, make a note of your original ISRC codes take down the release and follow these steps to re-upload it with the edits you'd like

    Ø You can create a new standard release by uploading to

    Ø Yes! You can set up a Youtube/Vevo channel and release official music videos 🎥 It can be released to a brand new channel or an existing channel to your account!

    Ø Yes! You can choose exactly which music platforms to release your music on - as well as the countries you'd like it to be available in 🌍 🎶

    Pick your platforms

    We distribute music to over 100 music streaming, download and social media platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Audiomack, Boomplay, Deezer, Tidal and many more!

    Ø SmartLinks are a free and simple way to share your music across every major platform with just one link. We'll send you one every time you release new music through MyAirplay Music. Your SmartLinks contain all the pre-save and live links to your release on one page - letting fans find your music on any platform.

    Ø If you release a cover, remix or song that uses samples, you'll probably need permission from the original copyright holder. You can usually get this by purchasing a license before releasing your music. If you don't have the necessary license, we won't be able to release your music.

    ❖ Cover songs

    No license is required to release cover songs to streaming platforms, but you'll need a Mechanical License for download stores. The mechanical license you need may also vary from country to country

    ❖ Remixes

    If you're remixing someone else's track, you'll need a Master License. Master Licenses can be a little trickier to get compared to Mechanical licenses. You may have to find, contact and negotiate with the rights holder directly

    ❖ Samples

    You'll need to get hold of both a Master and Mechanical License in order to legally use a sample of someone else's song in your track.

    ØThe process of moving your music to MyAirplay from another distributor is simple. Still, you must follow these steps very carefully to make sure you don’t lose any of your existing streams or playlist placements.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    A.Find all metadata and original files associated with the music you’d like to move to MyAirplay.

    This includes:

  • ISRC codes
  • Artist name & track titles
  • Original audio files
  • Original artwork
  • All of this information must be EXACTLY the same as your original release when you re-upload your music to MyAirplay, so make a note of it, double-check everything and keep it somewhere safe.

    B.Issue a takedown request to your current distributor.

    Log into the account you have with your current distributor and ask them to remove your music from stores. There is usually a ‘takedown request’ button; you can click to make this happen.

    C.Re-upload your music to MyAirplay.

    Once your current distributor has processed to take down your release and is no longer live in stores, you can re-upload your music to MyAirplay. Remember to use the exact same ISRC codes, artist names, and track titles you made a note of earlier, as well as the original audio files and artwork.

    What next?

    We’ll get your music back up in stores as quickly as possible with all of your original streaming numbers & playlist placements intact, but there may be a short period of downtime.

    If you’re thinking of moving to MyAirplay, contact us at with the subject line ‘Moving to MyAirplay,’ and we’ll help you with the process.

    Ø If you don't renew your subscription with MYAIRPLAY, your music will be removed. Before your renewal date, MYAIRPLAY will send notification to the email address associated with your account. Once your renewal date has elapsed, we will notify you once more that your contract has expired and provide you with a grace period to pay for your renewal before your release(s) is/are taken down. Once release is removed from stores, it is considered final and cannot be reversed until subscription is made and in that period no payment will be made to you

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    “MYAIRPLAY's Artist Management services have been a game-changer for my career. Their guidance and support have helped me grow as an artist. I feel like I have a dedicated team behind me, enabling me to take my music to the next level.”


    Singer & songwriter

    “MYAIRPLAY's Music Promotion services have significantly increased my music's exposure. Their strategic campaigns have connected me with a larger and more engaged fan base. Their commitment to helping artists succeed is evident, and I'm grateful for their partnership. ”


    Singer & songwriter

    “My experience with MYAIRPLAY has been nothing short of amazing. Their distribution services have not only expanded my reach but also simplified the process. I've been able to focus on my music while they handle the rest. Truly a game-changer for independent artists.”

    Tesh Carter

    Singer & songwriter

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